Khamis, 29 Oktober 2009

How to Be a Wonderful Wife to Your Husband

If you are married, you know that every marriage is not perfect. Everyone has problems. Everyone has arguments. This article will talk about ways to be a wonderful wife to your husband. You might find that both of you will be happier and more in love.

Things You'll Need:
Love Intention to have a good marriage

Step 1

Ask him about his day. Men love it when we show we care about them. When we ask how their day was, they get a chance to talk about themselves and get the stresses of the day off their chest. But you can't just ask, you have to really listen as well.

Step 2

Everyday, do something for him that shows him you have thought about him that day. Make him his favorite dinner, make or buy him a gift or card, or simply call him at work just to say you love him.

Step 3

Be spontaneous and fun. Act like his girlfriend. Once we get married, we tend to focus on the kids or work. Really try to do fun things and take time for each other.

Step 4

Keep a little mystery. Yes, when we marry, we get comfortable around each other and things start to happen. We go to the bathroom with the door open, tweeze our eyebrows while he's brushing his teeth, or even (gasp) pass gas. One of the things that attracts men to women in the first place is mystery and once that goes out the door, it's hard to get it back.

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