Selasa, 14 April 2009

Idayu and New Selendang

Halloooo...idayu and new selendang. I dunno what its name. For me this selendang is very nice special. You can see its design and texture, very different compared to other tudung. I had seen this tudung before, long time ago wore by an arabian.
I bought it from Jalan TAR last Sunday. I went there to accompany my sister, Kak Ani to buy brooch for business purpose. Together with my other sister Kak Na and her daughter,Nadia, plus my brother G act as driver, not to forget my dear sons, Danish and Darwisy. Just imagine how 'sardin' our car...

This tudung is very easy to wear, only use inner tudung, and on top of that apply this selendang with brooch. No need to iron, but be careful, because the texture might scartch.

Guess how much?

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